This Couple Went For A Hike And Came Back With More Than They Bargained For


This is SUCH a heartwarming video! Picture it:
You’re taking a hike through the beautiful woods when suddenly you stumble upon a cute surprise, well… FOUR cute surprises! That’s what happened to this couple, as they stumbled upon four kittens abandoned in the woods. The kittens quickly approached their rescuers without much hesitation, which has led us to believe that these cuties weren’t feral but actually just abandoned in the woods fairly recently. No momma was to be found, so to make sure these cuties were safe, they packed them up and took them home. After a yummy meal and warm bath, it was time to work on finding them a loving fur-ever home. Not long after this video was posted, I’m happy to report they were each adopted and get to live happily ever after! Rescue stories are always so touching, but this surprise kitten rescue makes it that much sweeter!