This Defenseless Sloth Was Trapped On A Busy Highway. Who Saved Him? INCREDIBLE!


Why did the sloth cross the road? Yeah, it sounds like the beginning of a joke, but in this incredible footage, a very slow sloth attempts to cross a busy intersection as cars whiz by. Thankfully, a hero stepped up to save the wild animal.

In the footage, there’s a bit of a traffic jam in Costa Rica as a three-toed sloth tries to cross the road. As onlookers watch the critter, one brave man decides to stop traffic and make sure the sloth is taken to safety.

He slowly approaches the sloth, carefully grabs his back fur, and carries him to the other side of the road. Whew. That was a close call! If it were not for that man, this sloth may have been road kill!

Once this animal is on the other side, the man makes sure the sloth is OK before hopping back on his bike and riding away. Looks like this sloth wanted to cross the road — to climb a tree and eat some leaves. This hero deserves a medal. How awesome!


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