This Dog Has Cash In His Mouth. When You See Why, Your Jaw Will Drop!


Halfway through this video, I couldn’t believe what I was watching…because it’s just too crazy to imagine. And yet, it’s something we should all see.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) came up with a commercial that’s one part strange and a little twisted, and another part creative and brilliant.

It turns out the four-legged star of this ad is more responsible than most owners of un-fixed pets! That’s because unfixed pets result in millions of homeless animals. Spaying and neutering helps to significantly reduce this number, improve animal health and behavior, and even save money for owners on the cost of pet care in the long-run.


This commercial is surprisingly hilarious, and Duke is definitely a ladies’ man, but his message is quite powerful and important for pet owners everywhere. Please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook!