This Family Rescued An Abused Pit Bull. What He Does To Them? WHOA.


Pit bulls are one of the most controversial dog breeds out there. Some people claim that they’re naturally vicious fighting dogs. They call them “aggressive” and some apartment buildings (and even towns!) ban pit bulls.

However, most pit owners will tell you a very different story. They’ll tell you how their dogs are smart, playful, and loyal above all else.

Lou, a pit bull from Carbondale, IL, is an adorable rescue pup that came from an abusive background. His owners, Kelly Yarbrough and Chris Julian, took him in and treated him with care and kindness. He repaid the favor when he saved the family’s lives by notifying them of a fire destroying their home.

As the blaze began to grow, Kelly, Chris, and the youngest two of their four kids slept soundly. It was only Lou’s incessant, frantic barking that woke them up, and they credit him completely for saving their lives.

Thanks to Lou’s bravery, the rescued became the rescuer.

The fire started at 4:30 a.m. while the family was sound asleep.

Only Lou’s frantic barking at their door could wake them up. Chris went to open his bedroom door and he could feel it was hot so he immediately called 911.

Fortunately, their two older children were sleeping at a friend’s house, and their two younger ones had fallen asleep in their bedroom while they watched a movie. If the kids had been in another room, their parents may not have been able to safely reach them.

They were forced to flee with only their clothes on their back. They could not grab any of their possessions. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

They are utterly devastated, but grateful to the Red Cross and their community for coming to their aid…

…but they’re also grateful to their beloved Lou for taking the time to alert them. Kelly specifically told local news station WNEP, “I’m grateful God gave me Lou, our dog.”

Despite his abusive past, Lou now has a loving family who wouldn’t dare hurt him. Even though humans have done some truly horrendous things to him, his spirit is still positive.

In an email to LittleThings, Chris says, “I need to replace everything I’ve worked for but thank the Lord Lou saved our family!”

In their email to LittleThings, the family discussed how running a family of six is hard enough without losing their clothes and food in a fire. It’s a desperate time for them, but they’re grateful to be alive.

Dogs make good guards, and Lou was definitely ready to help.

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