This Horse Has The Best Life Of All, When You See Why, You’ll Understand.


Meet “Archy,” the horse. Archy lives a very happy life in Blossom Valley, at the “Rocking Horse Ranch,” where large animals are rescued from abuse, neglect, or worse. Archy has a unique intestinal issue which means he cannot pass gas normally like other horses, but he has devised a unique way in which he can relieve the pressure on his intestines – and it’s quite a sight to see. Whether you like horses or not, it’s hard to deny that Archy is a star. The staff at the ranch say that Archy has a playful personality and keeps the staff laughing and on their toes, and it’s easy to see why :) He can even take his own reins and walk himself! Way to go big guy!!

If I dare say so, this horse is living the life, don’t you think? The folks which uploaded this video to Youtube promise that there are no sound effects added and there was no editing on the video, so make sure you turn up your speakers, so you can hear the original sound effects. If you’ve got kids nearby, make sure they watch this, it’s sure to provide quite a laugh. Enjoy!


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