This Is How They Unclog Toilets In Korea — And It’s Genius!


How on earth does this work?! I have no idea…but it looks pretty brilliant to me.

This video from South Korea reveals an inventive solution to every homeowners biggest headache and potential nightmare: a clogged toilet.

As wads of toilet paper and disgusting brown water fill up the toilet, this guy forgets about the trusty plunger and uses the “Pongtu” instead.

Pongtu is a piece of yellow plastic that stretches to fit over the top of the toilet seat, forming a seal over the opening. It’s like a toilet plastic wrap. Then, you flush. Sounds crazy, right?!

The Pongtu swells up and it looks like the toilet might burst, sending a nasty, volcanic mess. But fear not! You push your hand down on top of the Pongtu, and just like that, the clog is cleared away.


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