This Man Found a Hole In The Ground In the Forest. Inside? Thank God He Stopped!


It breaks my heart thinking of how many animals are out there in the world without a home, especially as winter gets colder and fiercer.

Mother nature has provided them with some natural survival instincts, but sometimes these animals are just too weak to survive on their own and they need help from humans.

Recently, an anonymous man went out of his way to help a dog he’d seen wandering in the forest in sub-zero temperatures in his homeland of Finland.

He had seen the dog desperately searching for food, but she’d always run away when he tried to approach. He believed, from physical signs, that she had just birthed a litter of puppies, so he followed her.

Thank God he did!

He found the dog shivering and crying in a hole in the ground. She snarled and growled at him as he approached because she needed to protect something very special…

The dog was protecting a litter of nine puppies: three males and six females. They were huddled in a hole at the bottom of a slope so slippery, none of them could get out. The man notified animal rescue services immediately.

These pups were the offspring of wild dogs and behaved as such. There was lots of nipping and fear of humans. They were infested with fleas and a variety of parasites.

The doctors say that if the man did not alert them and they’d not gotten the puppies out in time, they would have eventually frozen to death — the temperatures were getting too cold. They did, however, commend the mother dog for doing such an amazing job of keeping all nine alive for that long!

The puppies have been dewormed, and the animal rescue team is working on training them and getting them 100 percent healthy so that they can be adopted.


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