This Man May Be A Convicted Criminal, But He Looks Like A Demon


There are some scary-looking folks with tattoos in the world. However, they’re all pretty nice people, for the most part. Yet the creepy looking eyeball tattoo of 30-year-old Jason Barnum of Anchorage, Alaska, perfectly matches his personality.

Last week, Jason Barnum pled guilty in the shooting of a police officer. He was sentenced to 22 years in prison. Something tells me his blacked-out eyeball will be handy for intimidating his fellow inmates.

Despite his decidedly frightening appearance, Barnum stuck by his facial tattoos. โ€œI was living on the streets, and I tried to get a job, but of course my beautiful face didnโ€™t allow me to do that,โ€ said Barnum according to the AP.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that face in some of my more vivid nightmares.


I don’t even want to imagine what the process was like for getting that eyeball tattoo. It must have hurt like heck. Then again, maybe I’m missing something here. I guess he looks sort of cool? Nah, not even close.