This Marine Sacrificed Everything For His Country. Now? I Can’t Stop Crying


Although every marine is a hero, Kyle Carpenter’s story is one for the history books.

Kyle, a U.S. Marine since the tender age of 19, was forever changed on November 21, 2010, when an enemy hand grenade was thrown at the feet of a fellow Marine.

Kyle didn’t waste a second thought. In an act of true valor, the young soldier threw himself on top of the grenade.

The injuries that Kyle sustained were severe: His face and right arm were severely damaged, his right eye was lost, his body was peppered with shrapnel, and his jaw and teeth were destroyed.

But Kyle survived. And now, years later, after many surgeries — both life-saving and reconstructive — he is here today sharing his incredible story and blessing us with his beautiful spirit.

Kyle now bears the Medal of Honor, the United States’ highest military honor. Although everyone fighting for our country deserves our appreciation and respect, Kyle’s story is one that truly embodies sacrifice in the name of freedom.


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