This Puppy Was Starved, Set On Fire, Then Thrown In A Dumpster. His Recovery? Grab Your Tissues


The cruelty of some people can be absolutely baffling sometimes. When I look at puppies, so full of energy and love, it shocks me to know that there are people capable of inflicting pain on something so innocent.That’s why I was stunned when I heard the story of beautiful little Phoenix and his tremendous rescue.On a subzero night in Minnesota, in a remote garbage dump, a passing truck driver made a gruesome discovery: at the bottom of a fire-consumed dumpster huddled an abandoned, five-month-old puppy — whimpering, starving, and charred black. The big-hearted truck driver, Clayton, wasted no time diving in and scooping up the crying pup, burning his hands, and singeing his hair in the process. Clayton rushed the injured pup to a rescue center, where veterinarians whisked him to emergency care.

Clayton snapped this photo of little Phoenix just moments after lifting him from the burning dumpster.

Veterinarians had to shave Phoenix’s fur to assess the damage to his skin below.

Vets realized that the puppy’s fur had been doused in accelerant, proving the fire had definitely been intentional.

In addition to being burned and abandoned, Phoenix was severely malnourished. He weighed a slight 19 lbs, half of what a dog his age should weigh.

The most serious burns were on Phoenix’s knees and paws, requiring strict bandaging and pain medication for the little dog.

Most recently, Phoenix had to undergo surgery for skin grafting, as vets have had trouble keeping his wounds closed.

Phoenix now splits his time between the South Hyland Pet Hospital and the home of his vet, Dr. Vicki Schulz.

Authorities are doing all they can to find who could have done this to little Phoenix.

Phoenix is now on the road to recovery, but it’s going to be a long and bumpy journey. But with all of the love and care surrounding this brave dog, he’s sure to rise again very soon.