This Rat’s Reaction To Broccoli Is So Hilarious, I Had To Watch It Twice!


I’m sure all of us can remember hating at least one vegetable as a kid but still having to eat it. Even as a mom or dad now, it can sometimes be difficult to get all of those nutrients in their bellies! Even our critters, usually ready to gobble anything, turn up their noses at a few random snacks — and Dexter here is one of those critters.

Precious Dexter the rat loves getting snacks from his mom. However, something strange happened today when she offered him a piece of broccoli: Like a comedian, this little rat responds hilariously to this vegetable, making his human mom chuckle! I had to watch this video again immediately afterward and laughed even harder the second time! Dexter, I feel your pain. Luckily he has his cubby to hide in!

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