This Special Needs Dog Waited Months For Daddy To Come Home. Her Reaction When He Arrives? Priceless


Meet Emma, a special needs 1 year old American Pitbull/Bulldog mix with a rare birth defect called Hemivertebrae, which causes spine and other neurological issues. In this video, Emma does something that surprised her whole family. She greeted her dad who was away on deployment for months with her siblings Jesse and Mikey at the door. This is something Emma had never done before this moment. She must’ve missed him so much that she just had to come say hello!

Her mom writes on her youtube page:

My husband has been deployed for 6 months. Before he left, we adopted (are long term foster parents for SNARR-a special needs animal rescue) a special needs puppy with a severe birth defect. Emma and her daddy were very close! It broke her, and his, heart when he left. When I come in the door, she normally sits at the end of the hallway and waits for me to pick her up. This time, when her daddy came in, she went to him! Mikey (the tan dog) was so happy he cried! Gotta love homecomings!!
Many have asked why Emma doesn’t have a doggy wheelchair. Emma has had several wheelchairs. Unfortunately, she refuses to use any of them. We have had custom ones made even. We have worked with the companies to teach her to use it, but she will have nothing to do with it or with a “drag bag” or harness. She’s always been this way. Emma has no idea she’s “special”. She loves life and runs and plays well on her own outdoors. She just has a little trouble on the tile indoors. We do have rugs layed out for her all over the house, but we did not have any in this hallway at the time. That’s why you see her hopping to him.


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