This Stray Was Hit By A Car, Living In Filth. Wait Until You See Him Now.


Every day, countless stray dogs around the world are killed by car accidents and starvation. The tiny, homeless pup in this video somehow overcame both of these heartaches and survived the unthinkable.

No one knows how long this Jack Russell mix had been living on the streets, but it was clear that he did know the comfort and love of a human being at some point in his life. After being hit by a car and living with his resulted broken pelvis bone, this small and sweet mutt took refuge with a homeless man in the shelter he built.

Most street dogs are understandably frightened and cautious when help arrives, but something in this little guy’s heart told him everything was going to be ok. You could see in his affection and appreciation towards his rescuers from Hope For Paws that this dog was truly grateful.

On his way to the vet, his savior named him Jackson. By the end of the video, it was very clear that Jackson is going to be more than all right. However, there are still so many dogs out there who need help.


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