This Towed Camper Has One Feature That Will Revolutionize Camping Forever


Exploring the outdoors with a camper can be an incredibly fun experience. While camping in a forest or near a lake can be fun, German engineers have sought to expand the experience to include camping on the water. The Sealander is what they came up with. It functions as a normal camper on land, but converts to a comfortable cruising boat for two on the water. While it doesn’t make for a powerful boat, on still waters such as a lake, it is a joy to use. Also, with the base design being a towable camper, you can take the Sealander to any destination on the continent.

Being fitted with bench seats, a table, a sink, and a stereo makes the Sealander the perfect place to relax.

The huge panoramic windows and massive sunroof allow for plenty of natural light and make for an enjoyable environment to watch the stars.

The camper itself is incredibly lightweight, as it is constructed mostly of fiberglass. It easily stays afloat and towing it around is not a huge hassle.

Being hand-built in Germany, the Sealander starts at around $25,000, but the view from this camper and its abilities are like nothing you have ever seen.