This Cat Was Hit By A Car Then Buried. 5 Days Later? HE IS BACK!


Dunno why everyone’s so surprised: We know they have nine lives.

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Right. So. Here is Bart the cat.

A couple of days ago, Fox 13 reported on his deeply mysterious case. According to the station, he’d been left for dead after being hit by a vehicle.

His owner, Ellis Hutson, said he buried him under the ground near where he found him, “under a foot of dirt”.

Five days later, Bart turned up in his neighbour’s front yard.

His stunned neighbour told the channel: “He [was] just sitting there looking at me purring, wanting food but obviously he couldn’t eat.”

According to his rescuers, among other injuries, he had severe trauma to the head, a broken jaw, and a dead eye.

However, following surgery, he’s expected to survive.

Doctors at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay have apparently wired together his fractures and put in a feeding tube.

At the time, people assumed Bart had simply clawed his way out of the ground.

But now Hutson, his owner, has a new theory on how Bart came back from the dead.

He told Fox 13:

We have two cats and they play together all the time and they roam around with each other. He might have went looking for his brother and dug him up — but I have no idea.

As Sherry Silk, the Humane Society’s of Tampa’s director told the channel, this is one cat that definitely has eight lives left.