Tiny Pup Fights To Stay Awake. Now Watch What Happens When The Phone Rings…


The world has spoken and it’s official — Pomeranian puppies are the cutest around.

These little fluffballs are also the perfect example of tiny pups who don’t know how small they really are. Just take tiny fur baby Gabe for example. This super-cute white Pom puppy was recently caught on camera doing something absolutely hysterical…and I can’t get enough!

From the looks of this video, Gabe has a pretty nice life. He’s doing his best at trying to enjoy a nice nap on the couch with his teddy bear and fluffy pink blanket — he seems to be all set.

You can’t help but giggle at Gabe trying his best to get a little shut-eye. He can barely keep his eyes open when the phone suddenly rings. Gabe pops up in the most hysterical way and howls like a wolf! I got such a kick out of this little guy. How lovable is he?

Source: Dogs.littlethings.com

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