US Coast Guard Swam 200 Meters In Icy Waters To Save A Dog! Amazing!


There’s a special place in heaven for people who go out of their way, and even risk their own lives to save animals. We’ve seen a lot of videos of dogs being rescued; these videos warm our hearts and also restore our hope for humanity. And once in while, we see amazing and breathtaking rescues where people put themselves in danger to rescue a helpless dog.

In the video below, you’ll see three men saving a dog who fell in icy waters. We have no details as to how this Labrador got into the water. But luckily, three brave souls were there to rescue him. The U.S. Coast Guard saw the dog fall into the icy northern Michigan channel. So they swam 200 meters in the freezing cold water to rescue the poor thing! Watch the video of the rescue below!


Heroes do exist! Bless these brave men for saving that poor dog! Can you imagine what it’s like to dive into that freezing cold water? I salute these men for diving into the cold water just to save the poor doggy! You guys did a great job!