What Happened to the Man Who Walked 20 Miles to Work After All the Media Attention Faded Away


Famed Detroit journalist Charlie LeDuff recently caught up with working class hero, James Robertson. Robertson piqued cultural interest when the press discovered the Detroit native walked over 20 miles a day to work his factory job.

Robertson’s story spread like wildfire across the internet and donations came pouring in to help the industrious man. A local Ford dealership even gifted him with a bright red new car.

However, all of this providence has taken a turn for the worse.

When the news of Robertson’s good fortune spread, some of his neighbors started to look to him for hand outs, and a few even threatened him.

The surrounding hostility hit such a boiling point that Detroit Police had to regularly patrol Robertson’s home. More recently, Robertson was moved to a secret location.

One officer who helped Robertson says:

‘I think it’s the right thing to do with the attention given… I think that we want to make sure that he gets as much attention from us as he did get from the community around him.’
It’s upsetting to see people take advantage of such a hard working and dedicated man, and even more troubling that the local police were forced to intervene.

Source: Ijreview.com