What Their New Puppy Does To The Cat Will Make You Laugh Out Loud! I LOVED It!


What happens when you put a cat and a French bulldog together? A hilarious attack that turns into one sitting on top of the other, and the other just giving up and lying down instead!

In this video, Gary the “brave” cat takes the first move on attacking Betty the French bulldog as soon as she comes close to him. It was so funny to watch this dog get confused from the alleged blow, and then sit back and debate her next move on this cat. As soon as the cat began to walk away, this funny dog decided to run toward him, putting her whole body over his to keep him locked down. Not only that, but the cat didn’t move at all, and instead surrendered by lying down.

Every time Gary the cat attempted to scoot away, Betty would just move forward enough to lock him in place again. This French bulldog was probably thinking, “You can’t get away from me now Gary, can you?” I’m sure Gary was probably just letting her have a moment of glory thinking she won this battle!

At least in the end, Gary makes it out of this Betty’s grip, but the look on both of their faces during this whole video is what still has me laughing. Until next time I guess! Too funny!

Source: Frenchieandcat.littlethings.com

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