When You See What She Got Her Little Puppy To Do, You’ll Die!


“What can a puppy learn in four days?”

That’s the question this video asks, and after watching it all the way through, I think you’ll agree that he can learn a lot more than most people think – all while looking completely adorable!

French bulldog Brody already knows more tricks at 12 weeks old than dogs twice his age, and his owner says it’s all because of positive reinforcement and a lot of treats! She also goes on to say that it’s possible to teach older dogs new tricks as well.

“The same thing can be done with rescues also,” Brody’s owner says after someone commented that her puppy was trained really well. “We fostered last year and were able to train a few of them tricks while they were with us. Puppies or adults the method is the same. practice patience and lots of treats!”

Has Brody melted your hear the way he’s melted mine? I just love him!

Source: Littlethings.com

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