When You See What This Dog Duo Does In Unison, You’ll Squeal!!


These two goofy German shepherds might as well be the modern day Laurel and Hardy. As their mom asks them a series of questions filled with some of their favorite buzzwords (including “treat,” “walk,” and “play”), they tilt their heads in unison, their comically massive ears alert and upright. At one point, one of the shepherds turns to his sibling as if to say, “Do you know what the heck she’s talking about?” Let’s just say that I couldn’t stop giggling while watching this video. My, what big ears you both have!

Dogs tilt their heads in response to our voices for a number of different reasons, from judging the source of a sound to gaining a better understanding of what it is that we’re trying to tell them. After all, our dogs are highly attuned to us, and they associate certain phrases, sounds, and words with rewards. The muscles of their inner ears are controlled by the same part of their brains that’s responsible for facial expressions and head movements. So, when we see them tilting their heads, it means they’re not only trying to hear us better, but are actively showing us that they’re listening as well.

Source: Littlethings.com

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