When You See What This Puppy Is Afraid Of, You’ll Lose It!


No matter a dog’s size, man’s best friend can still be afraid of the most bizarre and funny things, such as pineapples or foam rollers. But one family was quite surprised when they discovered that their eight-week-old British bulldog puppy had one fear: water bottles!

Meet Humphrey. This adorable puppy thinks he’s pretty tough, but he’s really just a baby at heart. A few weeks ago, the chubby dog came face-to-face with a bottle, and his reaction caught his owners completely off guard. His owner started to take a video but had to stop when it became apparent that Humphrey was going to bark until the water bottle met its demise.

As you can see in the video, the curious little puppy fearlessly battles a plastic water bottle, and he lets it know by dancing and barking around it very cutely. After a while, the tired pup slumps down on the floor and appears to be done playing. He’s tuckered out but, just as his owners are ready to take the bottle away, this dog gives one last little bark letting that bottle know who’s boss. Aww! This dog is just too sweet for words.

Source: Littlethings.com

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