Why Is This Cat Swimming In A Pond? The Reason Had Me Laughing Out Loud!


Sometimes, the Internet gives us something so hilarious, you don’t even question it.

This ad by the technology brand O2 asks people to “Be more dog,” and the cat in this video takes that very seriously!

I’ve watched this a couple of times and I can’t tell if this is an actual trained cat or some kind of amazing special effects! Can you tell? Whether he’s jumping through the air in slow motion, ripping up a newspaper, or catching a frisbee, this cat really seems like he’s embracing the dog lifestyle one hundred percent. And if he really is a trained cat, well then hats off to whoever was able to train him to do all of this!

I’ll be honest and say that I’m a little bit more of a dog person than a cat person, but if my cat acted like this, I definitely think I’d change my mind!

What about you? Do you have an unusually dog-like cat?

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