Woman married to cats for over a decade


While it is normal to love pets, others however adore pets in a way that is strange and uncommon. This strange news finally finds its space in the British tabloids.

“Having been married to her pet cats, Bararella Buchner celebrates her ten years anniversary with excitement” is the line that hit the news headline in Mirror United Kingdom a few days back. This news was later endorsed by her in the interview with Huffington Post. She said to the Huffington Post, “I married Lugosi and Spider, two tabby brothers, over a decade ago. They both are fifteen years now. And, they are the love of my life. This January, we actually celebrated our 11th anniversary.”

Buchner’s marriage with her two cats took place on January 9th 2004. The two cats were in the London shelter when she adopted them in 2000. After heart-breaking breakup with her boyfriend, she felt that the kittens could be her faithful sole mates. While narrating the story to The Mirror, she repeated that she considered her kittens the reason of her life.

By and by, she finally decided to tie the knot with her kittens and ordered a marriage certificate from a popular website in order to make her relation official. The mentioned website is popular in helping people to have nuptials.

“There was not any celebration at all. We did not wear any fabulous wedding dresses,” she says. “However, I told both the kittens that I was going to marry them. They did not refuse because I gave them a bribe of a tin of tuna.”

Later, the Huffington Post asked her following question:

Huffington Post: What is meant by getting married to kittens? Is this relationship similar to one with human beings?

Barbarella Buchner: I am unable to tell how it feels to get married to a man because I have not been. However, I can say from my previous human companion that this experience is not similar at all. Firstly, you cannot engage yourself in philosophical conversations with them. Secondly, it is obvious that they cannot help you in chores, such as washing dishes or cleaning toilet.

Source: About.cats-paradise.net