You’ll Never Believe What She Makes Out Of The Simplest Ingredients! So Awesome!


Are you a secret candy fanatic?

I try to keep my candy cravings in check, but there are times when I want something sweet and fruit just isn’t going to cut it. I believe in moderation of all things, so if I’m having a real craving I like to give in to it, because it helps me feel like I’m not denying myself. On the other hand, I’m not a fan of most packaged, store-bought candy. A lot of it is full of ingredients that most people wouldn’t even consider food, so when I can, I make my own.

Which is why I was pretty happy to come across this video for homemade licorice! I actually love licorice, but the idea of making my own has always intimidated me because I couldn’t imagine what the ingredients were. According to this video at least, the ingredients are simple – and I had most of them around the house! Sure, this isn’t the healthiest, but if you want a candy treat, this is a great option, especially because it’s homemade!


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