You’ve Got To See What This Funny Kitten Does EVERY Time — I Can’t Stop Laughing!


Hands up…I’m cute! Sleepy kitties always get plenty of “awws,” but when this fuzzy Himalayan kitten tries to keep her orb-like eyes open, you can’t help but be mesmerized! As the gentle touch of her owner’s finger stirs her from her naptime, kitty tries to play, but she loses the battle to sleep each and every time — with her tiny paws sticking straight up!

This enchanting video shows the kitten peacefully reclining in her owner’s lap. Her small, soft paws swat gently at her owner’s finger each time she feels a stroke on her little cat face. After a moment or two of playing patty-cake, the teeny fur ball drifts back to sleep, but her big eyes keep popping open every time she feels her owner’s finger close by. When she finally succumbs to sleep, all you can do is say, “aww!”


This adorable sleepy kitten video is sure to keep you yAWWning for a long time to come. Please SHARE if you go “aww” for adorable, sleepy kittens!