You’ve Never Seen A Cat Like This One Before


This interesting cat is certainly one for the record books. Atchoum, which translates to “sneezy” in French, is a peculiar little kitten living in Quebec, Canada that is steadily gaining popularity on the internet. This crazily adorable kitty looks like he’s got a permanent case of bed head, but this is due to the fact that he suffers from a medial condition known as hypertrichosis. As a result, poor Atchoum lives with excessive hair growth all over his body.

While hypertrichosis can also affect humans, it sure makes Atchoum look like the cutest furball on earth! From his long whisker beard and paws, messy mane and piercing orange eyes, the out-of-this-world cat is quickly gaining fans as an overnight internet sensation. With his grayish, wizard-like locks and entrancing eyes, Atchoum appears like an old soul and much wiser beyond his only 9 months of life, and many are referring to him as the wizard cat. Check out his fan page below to see what all the hype surrounding this overly hairy kitty is all about. Oh, and you may need to brush up on your French first. Enjoy!